bricology (bricology) wrote in sx_70,

Swap your white SX-70 for my black/chrome Sonar SX-70?

I'm looking for a white-finished SX-70 for a project of mine, and I'd prefer to swap my SX-70 for it, rather than sell mine on eBay, and buy a white one. I have a Sonar One-Step in satin chrome with black leather. Everything functions properly, the bellows are perfect, and the frame is tight and straight. I just shot a box of 600 through it and it performs well. It's cosmetically very nice too, with just a few small scuffs to the leather, but no other damage that I can find. Comes with the lanyard, the manual and the tan vinyl field case.

Here's the project: I want a white-framed non-Sonar model (the Sonar extension makes it too long for the project), and the leather panels can be shot, since I'm going to replace them anyway. It's gotta work properly, but otherwise, cosmetics aren't a big deal. A good opportunity for anyone who's been hankering after a Sonar type and has a white-finished SX-70 with bad cosmetics. If no one here is interested, I'll post to the 2 Polaroid groups. Thanks!
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