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hay there,
Saturday I was finally able to purchase a very characterize and scratched SX-70 for five dollars.
But I was wondering could anyone tell me exactly how to use it.
I assume the dials are for exposure, I got that but...
I'm afraid my camera is broken, that is unless you're not supposed to be able to look through the camera to see what's on the other side.
Does anyone understand what I'm saying?

Any help would be great thanks!
I'd love to get this baby up and working soon.
I understand the film is expired but I've read 600 film will do with the proper adjustments.
I intend to get on that as well


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Lynn (alceria) replied to your LiveJournal post

Their reply was:
So not cool to use my community to pimp your site and post a non-work safe image that I have to see while at work. bleh

fuck off then.
Rockwell Kent

Swap your white SX-70 for my black/chrome Sonar SX-70?

I'm looking for a white-finished SX-70 for a project of mine, and I'd prefer to swap my SX-70 for it, rather than sell mine on eBay, and buy a white one. I have a Sonar One-Step in satin chrome with black leather. Everything functions properly, the bellows are perfect, and the frame is tight and straight. I just shot a box of 600 through it and it performs well. It's cosmetically very nice too, with just a few small scuffs to the leather, but no other damage that I can find. Comes with the lanyard, the manual and the tan vinyl field case.
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